How and when does my merch arrive?



Can I see and track my orders?


Something has gone wrong, what do I do? 

What's the best way to contact The We Shop?



We ship via Royal Mail, the cost is included in the product price, nobody likes hidden postage and packaging costs!

You should receive your purchase within a few days.

You will be sent an "order fulfillment" email when your #WeStuff has been shipped.

Not sure if your order has been shipped yet? Login to check out your order history (Use the same email address that you used to make your purchase to see previous orders before registering).

We currently only ship to the UK.



You will be sent a "fulfillment confirmation" via email.

You can also login to check your order status, see previous orders too.

Even if you didn't register when you made a previous purchase you can still register and see previous orders when you register with the same email address.

CLICK HERE to Login/Register and see your order history.



We are really sorry if something has gone wrong!

First of all, we always try to make sure nothing has gone wrong, but sometimes it just does.

Secondly, we really want to hear from you so we can fix your problem, and learn from any mistakes we have made.

We ship all our merch ourselves and we check the quality before it goes.

Please use any of the contact methods below to get in touch so we can help rectify any problems you've experienced.



Good or bad, suggestions and ideas, doesn't matter why you would like to contacts us we would be pleased to hear from you, you can:

Give us a call on: 07786045302
Tweet us: @WeNurses
Email via: shopping@theweshop.co.uk